Thursday, 15 October 2009

Rational choise

  1. Hidup ini adalah pilihan dan antara kemungkinan untung rugi. Setiap keputusan dan pilihan harus berdasarkan kesadaran Artinya sadar dalam perencanaan, sadar melakukan dan sadar tujuan dan sadar untuk mempertanggungjawabkan hasilnya.


Life is a choice between the possibility of profit and loss. Every decision and choice of means should be based on conscious awareness in the planning, conduct and consciously aware and conscious purpose to account for the results to others and to God.

Friday, 25 September 2009

phillo naraha. The children, who are you?

Children, Who are You...???
Children , who are You ...???
Children, Who are You ...???


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CHILDREN, WHO ARE YOU......... ??????? 101 from the book: Who are you children?
The children, who are you?

The children, who are you really for me?

Children are the most beautiful treasure more than gold - diamonds.

The children are the essence of life parents.
Husband and wife (mother and father) together with God to create a child. Therefore, the surrogate and the child is a gift of
God's grace for parents.



Listen and feel hope with heart and mind my mother, Although new blood I glob bank life but I have start and now live me. Let me live and develop into a full human being. Allow I love the you send me into the world to meet with mama and father in a fun and happy to me.

POINT I. I am the blood and your body, titipan for God. I still plain. Show a way where the good and true that which can I take to fill out and enrich me personally. Do not let me step alone the life that I have not understood this.

POINT II. Honor the Dignity martabatku-I. and esteem, and understand right-I as a man, because I truly human. Do not change myself to become me personally the other and become other people. I want to stay to be myself. I am the son. I am the blood and meat-body or you. Of you agree recognition-and-approval, I feel comfortable and valued feasible as a man

POINT III. Pity-god merciful to me and you be the same as each other love each other and with God's love during the making and I create. Give what is required by an appropriate child I am not so spoiled and greedy

POINT IV. Do not be bored and rave-due to start. I do not understand with all that I face. Directed, intellect so preposterous I can understand and imitate before selecting. So that I fell and fell will not awards and recognition

POINT V. Do not let me complete me personally, forming the myself and the front with the behavior that one because I more of the selected mimic. I can not complete me personally alone. Help me complete the me personally youlove help me very meaningful to me now.

POINT VI. I am the image of God, the glorious creation of God value. Ajarilah-majar point-and worship-prostration I pray to the Lord God. I keep it in-time learning. Give me time to discuss and recreation have with your mama and father so I feel more the warmth of love and love is always faithful greatness of God the infinite love.

POINT VII. Eesteem and nature despite I act not mean for you. Therefore, I can give to you now mama and father. Give a reasonable job done by a child so I can be completed in a period of excitement and fun kecilku.

POINT VIII. Help-it's basic task I to school and learn so that I feel comfortable and happy to set up from the front at this time. The with me and the advice or message, and directed that I be able to, and completed all the problems that face every time I

POINT IX. The pain my heart because I can not afford to defend themselves. Understand or understand I just hoax because I was still confused life. I forgive the children climb up and I am wrong. Do not I let the heart pine bear alone in suffering inner-weep.

POINT X. Give me appropriate sanctions and not anger you, oh mama and father, for I am not able to distinguish the good from the bad. Show me one now with the love and pity Pity you Navigate I am on the correct way so that I do not go down in the bottom of the cliff beetle

POINT XI. I and he is the heart. Our brothers home. I was born from one womb, oh mama, and we form from one cell essence of life father and mama. We are bound by blood and the feeling of rope the same. We want to remain united and together with the integrity love mama and father. Do not separate us. Do not leave us. Our hearts cry out day and night looking for you mama and father

Phillo D. Naraha